People are welcome to join us in this celebration of football's best in Qatar.



The first significant international football tournament to be hosted in a Muslim state in the Middle East has brought a dichotomy in culture to Qatar.

A population of less than three million and more than 2,000 mosques.

The intangible legacy of the World Cup is seeing how much people are having fun.

Qatar  fantasies to work on this project for the past 10 years and then deliver it as a football-loving Qatari woman.

Prayer facilities 'make it easy'

Is firmly rooted in sharia law, which forbids alcohol usage in public and makes homosexuality a crime.

The majority of stadium access has been "smooth."

For the competition, Qatar has invested billions in the stadiums, multiple-lane highways, and a brand-new metro system.

"As nice as ever" or "disappointing" atmosphere? Fans would go to Qatar and what the atmosphere at games would be like.

Coffee is our beer' Alcohol cannot be consumed in public in Qatar.