‘Willow’ revives the Lucasfilm fantasy with a more contemporary streaming adventure 


By priyanka

Is Willow worth watching? 

The creaky monster effects are a delight, and James Horner's rousing score elevates the story to epic heights, ensuring that Willow delivers a stirring jolt of old-school escapism. November 28, 2022 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Is Willow series for kids? 

Parents need to know that Willow is an adventure fantasy series based on the 1988 film. Alongside a cast of both new and familiar faces, Warwick Davis returns to reprise his role as the unlikely wizard. Like the original movie, the series is a rollicking, lively tale with lots of fantasy violence and romance.

What age rating is Willow? 

Willow is rated PG for mild language, sex references, and fantasy violence. Can your younger kids see this one?

Is Willow OK for a 7 year old? 

Stay on the safe side and don't use willow bark in children.

Was the movie Willow a flop? 

The answer, it seemed, was “a lot of people.” While Willow was far from a flop, it nonetheless underperformed and met with critical apathy, with both Howard's directing and Lucas' screenplay coming under fire. (The screenplay was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for the worst of the year in 1988).

What is the monster in Willow? 

Eborsisk The Eborsisk The Eborsisk is a frightening giant monster and a villainous force in the fantasy film, Willow, the result of the titular hero's attempt to use magic to dispose of a threatening troll - only to have the spell backfire and transform the troll into a far greater threat than it was originally.

Who is the villain in Willow? 

Queen Bavmorda Queen Bavmorda is the main antagonist of the 1988 fantasy film Willow and its adaptations in novels, comic books and video games.