Why  is Elon Musk imprisoned on Twitter ?



What did Twitter do to Elon Musk? Just over a week after the acquisition was finalized, Mr. Musk cut 3,700 positions, or almost to half of Twitter's workforce.

What did Elon Musk say about Twitter CEO? Jack Dorsey's announcement that he would not accept the position of CEO of Twitter, Musk sent out a tweet.

Why did Elon pull out of buying Twitter? Twitter didn't give enough details about the quantity of spam and bogus accounts.

What is the issue with Elon Musk and Twitter? Musk is under pressure to increase Twitter's value, which some analysts claim is only worth around half what it actually is.

Who receives Twitter's 44 billion? Elon Musk finished his $44 billion project.

Does Elon Musk charge for Twitter? Elon Musk, Twitter will charge users who want a blue checkmark next to their name to indicate a verified account $8 (£7 per month).

Who got fired from Twitter? Senior engineer Eric Frohnhoefer at Twitter was not just sacked in the conventional manner at a business that has reduced its workforce by 50%.

What happened between Elon Musk and Twitter? Elon Musk has laid off half of Twitter's approximately 3,700 employees.

Why is Musk firing Twitter employees? Elon has terminated many workers who had criticized him on Twitter and the company's Slack.