Bob Dylan addresses controversy after using a device to 'hand-sign' copies of new books.



The employment of a machine

"Hand-sign" copies of musician Bob Dylan's latest book sold for $599 each was criticized as a "mistake in judgment."

The singer apologized in response to fan criticism?

He would personally autograph the book rather than using a computer,

How can it be sold for hundreds of dollars apiece?

The musician revealed that 900 copies of his new book, "Philosophy of Modern Song," were signed by Dylan.

Why Fans discover each book?

Autograph images were examined online, and fans discovered that each book had an exact replica of Dylan's signature.

He Opted to use the autopen.

Dylan wrote on his Facebook page that he had a "severe attack of vertigo"

Who suggested using an auto pen?

The suggestion to use an auto-pen was made to him, along with the guarantee that this sort.

He wanted to apologize!

Those who purchased the 'Philosophy of Modern Song' limited edition,the publisher Simon & Schuster said in response.

Who did  inform the customer?

Customers were informed by the publisher that they would receive an immediate refund.