Why are footballers wearing "sports Bras'' at the FIFA World Cup 2022?



since that celebration from the South Korean striker was for daily sharing on social media.

considering the South Korean striker's  celebrationwas intended for daily social media posting.

Many people questioned why the footballers were wearing this item of gear.

Some even inquired as to whether Hee- Chan was donning a woman's sports bra.

The GPS tracker West athletic bras are particularly popular among male football players.

The greatest vest features a GPS device attached to it, which enables the expert to comprehend the player's GPS information.

There have been rumors that the data gathered aids the team manager and trainers in learning specifics like how quickly or far a player runs during practice or a game.

Football is not the only sport where GPS data is used; other popular sports include.

Other sports, including basketball and others, have embraced this technology; GPS data is not just used in football.