What to remember before watching ‘Dead To Me’ Season 3

By Ramya


Is there a season 3 of Dead to Me? 

"Dead to Me: Season Three" premieres on Netflix on November 18th

Is Season 3 of Dead to Me the last season? 

But in its third and final season, Dead to Me resolves into something much more optimistic than it initially appeared to be. It's still a show that cackles in the face of murder and deception. More than that, though, it's a love story.

Is Ted alive in Dead to Me? 

Jen, a real estate agent prone to violent emotional outbursts, is mourning the death of her husband Ted, who has recently been killed by a hit-and-run driver. She joins a grief support group, where she meets Judy, who is mourning the death of her fiancé Steve, and the two become close friends.

What is the secret in Dead to Me? 

The episode starts with Jen's newest secret, but it's one that's thankfully not held too long: Judy might have cancer. Jen practices telling her friend the truth in the mirror, but panic sets in and the emotions pour out.

Will Christina Applegate return to Dead to Me? 

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini return to their Emmy-nominated roles in the third and final season of Netflix's Dead to Me

Does Jen get caught in Dead to Me? 

Perez and Jen drive to the Angeles Forest, but can't find Steve's body. On the way back, Perez tells Jen that she won't arrest her and will push the case under the rug because she believes that Steve threatened her and she doesn't want her to leave her children. So, yes, Jen and Judy get away with murder.

Where did Steves body go in Dead to Me? 

After spending the early chunk of Season 2 stored inside Jen's garage freezer (and was nearly chomped on by rats), Steve's body was later painstakingly transported out into the woods and buried by Jen and Judy.

Does Jen forgive Judy for killing her husband? 

It turns out Judy's relationship with Steve is what died after the couple suffered five miscarriages, which Judy admits has made her, understandably, a little crazy. Jen forgives the lie, even inviting the now-cast-out Judy to move into the guest house Ted used as a music studio.