US mass shootings have risen sharply in recent years

Written by: Vasantha


California has been hit by three mass shootings this week. Seven people were killed and one injured in a shooting at two plant nurseries in Half Moon Bay on Monday.

In Oakland, a few hours later, another gunman killed one and injured seven at a petrol station 41 miles (65km) away.

Then, near Los Angeles, 11 people died in Monterey Park on Saturday as they danced for Lunar New Year.

The US is experiencing more of these incidents than ever before.

A mass shooting can take many forms, but the Gun Violence Archive, which tracks shootings in which four or more people are killed or injured, excluding the gunman, has tracked 40 such incidents in the US since January.

According to the US organization that tracks gun-related deaths and injuries, it is the highest number on record for January. Last year's record was 34

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