Full Name.  Tracy McMillan Occupation. American author


26/ 11/2022

Starting of her career

For two years, the most-read article on HuffPost, "Why You're Not Married," by McMillan, went viral in 2011.

First winner award

2010 Writers Guild of America Award for Dramatic Series for Mad Men.

Best novel

Low was brought back through a collaboration with Supreme in 2020.

Best novel

I Love You and I'm Leaving You Anyway, a memoir by McMillan, was published in 2010

In television & radio

She has been on various television and radio shows as a relationship

How old is Tracy Mcmillan?

58 years 12 September 1964.

Is Terry McMillan still married?

Terry McMillan has finally  divorced the Jamaican man who was the love of her life for 24 years.

What family or fiancé is the host?

American writer for TV and novelist Tracy is 57 years old.

Does Tracy McMillan have a degree?

The College of Humanities awarded Tracy McMillan a journalism degree in 1989.