According to relationship experts, when you're speaking to someone you're interested in, your body language might quickly reveal this.



They look at different parts of your face. If you're into someone, they'll look at your entire face.

They reduce the distance between you. It's okay for you to approach them near to their face or if they lean in close to your private area.

They start physical contact. Attempts at casual touching are probably a blatant indication that someone is interested in you,

When they're around you, they seem more tense. You might blush whenever they're close to you, among other tense behavior patterns.

Can you tell when a person is drawn to you? They'll unconsciously strive to make a lot of eye contact with one other.

How can your body language entice someone? Increasing our self-assurance, altering our body language,  pursuing a life of passion and purpose will all have a significant influence.

What type of lady is appealing to men? A woman who values herself highly. A lady who exudes confidence is autonomous and capable of handling any situation.