The Smothers Brothers are back, taking their show on the road

By Aashirwad

December, 11

Tom and Dick Smothers never expected to be back on camera again at this point of their lives. 

They especially didn’t think they’d be appearing on CBS, the network that famously cancelled their top-rated show back in 1969  

Tommy was on guitar; Dick was the straight man on the bass. “Looking back on it, we look so naïve, and so pure, and so clean,” said Dick. 

There were an almost instant hit. Just two weeks after the show premiered, “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” beat “Bonanza” in the ratings 

As their humor got sharper, censors started sharpening their scissors, cutting out controversial content, sometimes entire skits, putting Tommy on the defensive. 

They didn’t give up performing; they did a few more TV and stage shows. CBS even invited them back for a time. But the magic of those early years was gone. 

Next month the duo, both now in their mid-80s, are taking their show on the road again. “Walking on that stage, feel that kind of love coming back 

They’ve been working on honing their show for months, most recently testing out material in Norfolk, Nebraska, Johnny Carson’s hometown.