Hot Lava Nike Few colors transport us back to the late 1980s and early 1990s.


26/ 11/2022

Why do people like blood color?

The scorching blood red that was popular at the time on Nike Trainers.  more than thirty years later, it still singes our spirit.

New styles of the Nike Air Cross? 

Trainer Low has been relegated to the "GR" walls at footwear retailers all over the world.

The Nike Air Cross Trainer?

Low was brought back through a collaboration with Supreme in 2020.

What is Hot Lava?

The Swoosh is presenting a variation of the "Hot Lava,"

The original color update?

original colorway of the Air Trainer SC 2?

Why Nike Experiment?

while Nike has already experimented with a "Infrared" design of this model.

What is the use of color?

The bright red color seeps into the outsole tooling from the Bo Jackson models with ease.

A Bright Red Hot?

The forefoot outrigger of the throwback-friendly model has a bright red color that matches the Swoosh and tongue emblem.