Top Leading Celebrity Beauty Brands for 2022: Kylie Cosmetics and Rare Beauty


 NOVEMBER ,29,2022

StyleCraze Kylie Cosmetic

Is now recognised as the most well-liked celebrity cosmetic brand.

Celebrity-owned beauty brand 

The second most popular song was Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty, while the third was Harry Styles' Pleasing.

Kylie Cosmetics Leads as Beauty Influencer

The list of the most Googled celebrity cosmetic businesses.

Cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics.

The release of her well-known lip kits, Kylie Cosmetics, which was founded in 2014, completely rocked the industry

The most Instagram followers 

(26 million) and hashtags (more than 4.9 million), both of which were records for the platform.

The most Googled woman 2022 Kylie Jenner 

Kylie Jenner is the most searched female on the list.

Age of Kylie Jenner

Born: 10 August 1997 (age 25 years), Los Angeles, California, United State

Who is Kylie Jenner's husband?

In the same year, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.