A petition filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on November 1 was made public on Thursday.



40,168 2017–2021 Model SN model X vehicles are being voluntarily recalled by Elsa because of a potential power steering assist issue.

The recall calls for a wirelessly transmitted software upgrade to be applied to the vehicle.

After a firmware update in October, when the Navy started experiencing potholes and uneven terrain, some vehicles started losing power steering.

The flu affects around 1% of the recalled cars, according to the press release.

As of November 1st, 97% of the recalled vehicles, according to the automaker, had a software update loaded that fixed the issue.

According to the release, Tesla's head detected 314 vehicles with the problem as of the first of the month, although no injuries or birth defects have been reported.

The automaker equity was down more than 4% early on Thursday.