Teenager How has the epidemic affected adolescent brains?



According to a study done in conjunction with 19 pandemic heads, teen mental health is affected.

According to the findings, stress from the pandemic has physically aged adolescents' brains.

163 kids underwent MRI scans before and during the pandemic.

Teenagers' development process accelerated when they were exposed to TC ko Covid 19.

Only kids who had exposure to such violence on horror nights saw an accelerated change.

The study's author claims that it is yet unclear whether the alterations are long-lasting.

The results might have long-term repercussions for a whole generation of adolescents.

Prior academic research indicates that in 2020, adult anxiety and sadness will increase by 25%.

Teenage cases of obesity, diabetes, and other ailments are on the rise.

Teenagers have become addicted to mobile, it can be said that they have become mobileholic.