In the latest trailer for "Super Mario Bros. Movie," 



Are Mario heroes difficult jobs?

Mario discovers that being a hero is a difficult job.

he vibrant trailer characters ?

Donkey Kong ,Princess Peach and Luigi. Mario ,embarks on an adventure to defend the Mushroom Kingdom against Bowser.

When was the new tailor released?

The new trailer was released more than a month after a teaser trailer that went viral on the internet gave fans a sneak peek.

It's an upcoming film video game?

The upcoming film does make numerous allusions to video games.

In the movie Mario Kart and Super Mario Boss?

The Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. obstacle course and a stop at Rainbow Road.

What is the glimpse inside?

In the film, viewers also get a glimpse inside Peach's palace.

Date of release movie?

On April 7, 2023, the "Super Mario Bros. Movie" is scheduled for release.