Sultan of Brunei's Daughter Marries First Cousin in Week-Long Ceremony

Written by: Vasantha


An opulent three-day wedding crowned Princess 'Azematul Bolkiah's marriage to Prince Bahar ibni Jefri Bolkian

Prince Bahar ibni Jefri Bolkiah and Princess 'Azemah Ni'matul Bolkiah are married in Brunei. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah's daughter, Princess 'Azemah, was married in Borneo in Southeast Asia on Jan. 8.

The pair are first cousins; Prince Bahar is the brother of the sultan. Seven ceremonies were held in the days that followed at Istana Nurul Iman, the sultan's official residence, according to the Borneo Bulletin.

 Gift exchanges, royal insignia presentations, a three-day wedding ceremony, a dining reception and a ceremonial closing were all traditions.

On Jan. 11, Prince Mateen shared photos from the Powdering Ceremony and the final wedding rite on social media.

" So happy for my dearest big sister and BJB," Prince Mateen, 31, captioned the photo of the bride and groom on Instagram. According to local media reports, Princess 'Azemah's wedding date was announced in November.



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