Spotify Instafest: How to see which artists would headline your dream music festival 

November 29, 2022

By Ramya

How does Instafest work? 

The free web app, created by developer Anshay Saboo, is pretty straightforward to use: sign in with your Spotify account, and it will generate a poster based on the artists to whom you most listened. You can customize the poster based on time intervals — last four weeks, last six months, and all time.

Can I see my Spotify Presaves? 

You will never find Spotify data on pre-saves. Spotify gives artists a fair amount of data (it could always be more...wink), but Spotify itself does not have a "pre-save" statistic. It only recognizes saves.

Who can see a secret Spotify playlist? 

Titles of private playlists, on the other hand, won't show up under "Friend activity," and can only be seen if you share the link to the playlist with another user. However, the songs you are listening to will still show up in Friend activity unless you are listening in a Private Session.

Can people see your hidden songs on Spotify? 

It doesn't hide for all users except you. So if it's on a playlist, the playlist will never play that song when you're listening and that goes for all other users that have that song hidden.

Can you see past Spotify wrappers? 

You can view this year's Wrapped playlist and your playlist from past years at any time.

How do Spotify Presaves work? 


What Are Pre-Saves? Spotify pre-saves are essentially the digital streaming equivalent of pre-ordering an album. If a user pre-saves a song or album on Spotify it will automatically appear on their Songs or Albums list as soon as it's released.

Can you see your Spotify Wrapped progress? 


Yes, you can! Just head over to and log in with your Spotify account. You'll be able to see all of your listening statistics from the past year, as well as some fun facts and figures about your music taste.