Solidarity pours in for workers of McDonald’s in Serbia 

By priyanka


Of course… That international fast food chain is having their points in all of those countries for many years. First McDonald was opened in Poland in 1992, in Serbia 1988 (it was Yugoslavia at that time) and in Ukraine in 1997, so as you see, they are there but depends of country number of points is different

Do they have Mcdonalds in Serbia?

BELGRADE – US fast food giant Burger King is planning an entry to the Serbian market, the Retail Serbia portal reports. Quoting unofficial sources, the portal said the world's second-largest fast food restaurant chain would open the first Burger King outlets at a retail park and at a shopping mall within a year. 

Is there Burger King in Serbia?

Fast Food Chain There are many international and Serbian fast-food chains in Belgrade. You can find McDonald's (in many locations), KFC, Asia Food, Dva štapića, Big Pizza, Caribic Pizza, Burrito Madre, Agi Pasta Away and many more.

Does Serbia have fast-food?

According to the 2007 list of the richest people in the world, published annually by Forbes magazine, Mišković is the worlds's 691st richest person, with a net worth of $2.9 billion. 

Who is the richest Serbian?

According to, a person working in Serbia typically earns 140,000 RSD per month or 1,680,000 RSD per year. This amounts to USD 16170 or 14283.5 EUR (Euro) per year as per the exchange rates in February 202 

What is a good salary in Serbia?

10) People and the environment – people in Serbia have a generally friendly attitude towards foreigners and are very easy going and fun to be around. Living in Serbia, you will enjoy great food and drink, multicultural cities and exciting nightlife, all while meeting different types of people.

Is Serbia good for foreigners?

National dishes of Serbia include sarma (a mix of ground pork or beef with rice rolled in leaves of cabbage), gibanica (an egg and cheese pie made with filo dough), pljeskavica (a ground beef or pork patty), ćevapi (grilled meat), paprikaš (a soup made of paprika), gulaš ( soup of meat and vegetables usually seasoned ... 

What is the famous food in Serbia?

Gibanica is one of the most popular Serbian foods and widely considered to be a national dish. 

What is the most eaten food in Serbia?