Simon Cowell Is Not Dead, Despite 'Very Sad News' Death Hoax 


By priyanka

What accident happened to Simon Cowell? 

A year and a half earlier, Cowell broke his back while testing out his new e-bike in front of his family. One six-hour spinal surgery, a metal rod, and months of recovery later, the music industry legend decided to get back on a bike and ended up injured again.

How many times has Simon Cowell crashed his bike? 

Cowell has crashed while riding his bike once before. In August, the British-born music executive broke his back in three places while riding the $20,000 bike outside his Malibu mansion.

How fast was Simon Cowell when he crashed? 

about 20mph Cowell was said to have been driving the e-bike at a speed of about 20mph when the accident occurred, and the 62-year-old was reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital with a broken arm, badly bruised cheek and possible concussion.

What is the string on Simon's wrist? 

Simon Cowell has concerned fans after he was spotted wearing a wrist support brace ahead of his return as a judge on Britain's Got Talent. The TV personality was badly hurt after being thrown off his bike in London several weeks ago, where he was taken to hospital with a suspected concussion and a broken arm.

How many bones did Simon Cowell break? 

" In 2020, NBC finally agreed, setting up the series with host Terry Crews, Cowell judging along with WWE superstar Nikki Bella and the often-injured Pastrana ("that almost comes with the job with him; he's broken like 70 bones," Cowell says).

How many cars does Simon Cowell own? 

To date, Cowell owns at least 2 dozen vehicles including Porches, multiple Ferraris, multiple Jaguars, Multiple Bentleys, and like a good Englishman an Aston Martin. Cowell has an estimated net worth of 600 million US dollars, meaning he has plenty of capital to fund his gear head hobbies.J

Did Simon Cowell fall off his electric bike? 

Music mogul Simon Cowell has broken his arm, suffered facial cuts and sustained a suspected concussion after falling off an electric bike near his west London home. The Sun reported that Cowell was rushed to hospital after the crash, which happened last Thursday.