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November 28, 2022

By Ramya

Will the Seahawks get new uniforms? 

Seahawks president Chuck Arnold says to @Softykjr that Seahawks will not have throwback uniforms in 2022 but says "we're getting closer'' to having them down the road. Arnold says one reason it won't happen next season is production issues for the throwback uniforms for retail.

What year was the throwback jersey? 

Throwbacks were introduced in the NFL in 1991 at retail through the NFL Throwbacks Collection.

Why did the Seahawks change their uniforms? 

The Seahawks underwent a radical uniform redesign in 2002 as they prepared to move back to the NFC West and into their new outdoor stadium. Chief among those changes was a new navy blue helmet with a dark navy blue facemask.

What color is the Seahawks away jersey? 

The lime green, yellowish color brings a great deal of brightness as it highlights the numbers, which is a common theme for Seahawks' new uniforms.

Will Seahawks go back to old uniforms? 

About a dozen NFL teams will be sporting throwback jerseys and alternate helmets during the 2022 season. The Seattle Seahawks won't be one of them, but the team has been hinting at a return to the classic 80s in the near future.

Will Seahawks wear throwbacks? 

Confirming something the team had been teasing for a while, the Seahawks announced during their game Sunday against the Raiders that they will wear throwback uniforms from the 1990s era at some point in the 2023 season.

Why do Seahawks not wear throwbacks? 

Player safety was the primary reason the NFL previously told teams to stop using alternate helmets: Teams wanted every player to have one helmet that fit him properly, and not to alter it during the season.