Pokémon Scarlet and Violet comes out tomorrow for the Nintendo Switch—here’s how to order

By Ramya


Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date? 

18 November 2022

Is Pokemon Violet a remake? 

Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet a Remake? Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are not remakes. Both games take place in an entirely brand-new region with new critters to catch. Of course, Pokemon from previous generations of games will make an appearance as usual.

Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet two separate games? 

As any Pokémon player knows, with each generation comes two games to choose from. This time around, it's Scarlet and Violet (is this a callback to Red and Blue, perhaps?). With two different versions, there are always some differences between the games as well as Pokémon exclusive to each.

Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet main series? 

Scarlet & Violet's promise of being the main series' first open-world game isn't a false one. Every inch of Paldea is ours for the taking, and we're ready for adventure just like the little kids who booted up their Game Boys for the first time and took their first steps in Kanto.

Is Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 4 player? 

Pokémon Scarlet multiplayer and Pokémon Violet will have co-op multiplayer functionality completely

When can I play Pokémon Violet USA? 

Arriving November 18, 2022

Will gengar be in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? 

Although it wasn't a full Nintendo Direct, the new footage filled out more slots in the Gen 9 Pokédex by confirming a handful of classic Pokémon that would be returning in the upcoming RPGs, such as Kanto favorite Gastly and its evolution Gengar

Will all Pokémon be in violet? 

The Pokémon Company has not revealed how many Pokémon are in Scarlet and Violet just yet, but we do know that as with the infamous Dexit from Pokémon Sword and Shield not all Pokémon from previous generations will be included. This will be the norm going forward with mainline Pokémon games.