NORTH WEST I'M A MOVIE STAR ... Paw Patrol Film Debut With Mom!!!

Written by: Vasantha


In the same flick, her mom also got a part in, North West is also launching her acting career.

According to TMZ, a 9-year-old girl has been cast in the upcoming sequel to the 2021 film, "PAW Patrol:

 The Mighty Movie," lending her voice alongside Kim, who will reprise her role as Delores in the new film.

Kim and North won't be the only members of North's family to appear in the movie, Saint, North's little brother, will also make an appearance.

It makes sense - the children's film made well over $144 million worldwide

when it was released and debuted at #1 in multiple countries when it was released.

As long as you're into the entire crime-fighting dogs thing, you can watch the movie in October.



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