Nets defeat Cavaliers to win ninth straight game: How Brooklyn’s ascended up East standings 

By priyanka

Does Jay-Z own part of the Brooklyn Nets? Sources report that Brooklyn Nets co-owner, Jay-Z, actually only owns 1% of the franchise which he purchased for approximately (only) 4.5 million dollars! If you listen to enough Roc Nation music, you may be lead to believe that Jay-Z has more ownership and even singe-handily moved the Nets to his hometown, Brooklyn!

Who are the top 3 goats NBA? Bill Russell Most NBA titles won: At 11 championships, he's the only player with more rings than fingers. Most Finals appearances: He made the Finals 12 times and only lost one of them. LeBron James is tied for third with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 10 Finals appearances.

Who is the best number 10 in the NBA? Dennis Rodman, a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest rebounders and defenders in NBA history, sported No. 10 for his first nine seasons, including four of his seven rebounding crowns, both his All-Star appearances and his first two titles with the Detroit Pistons. 

Who wears number 7 on the Nets? When asked why is Kevin Durant wearing number 7, the 32-year-old said that he chose the number because it stands for completion in the Bible. The former Golden State star said that God rested on the seventh day after creating Heaven on Earth.

Does a Russian own an NBA team?On 11 May 2010, the NBA approved the sale of the Nets to Prokhorov, making him the majority owner of the team with an 80% stake. He also acquired a 45% interest in the new Barclays Center sports and entertainment arena. He became the first non-North American team owner in the NBA.

What rappers own NBA teams?Jay-Z: Brooklyn Net The rapper bought a minority stake in the NBA's Brooklyn Nets in 2003.

What basketball team does Beyoncé own? Beyonce Reportedly Interested in Buying Houston Rockets Ownership Stake. Pop singer Beyonce is reportedly showing interest in becoming part of an ownership group to bid on her hometown Houston Rockets following a decision by team owner Leslie Alexander to sell the NBA franchise.