NBA History Made By Steph Curry

Written by: Vasantha


Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors: Steph made history In NBA history, there has never been a better shooter than Steph Curry.

Now that Steph has tied the record for the most half-court makes in NBA history, he also has the most three-pointers. Curry tied Jamal Crawford for the most half-court threes in NBA history on Thursday against the Boston Celtics.

Curry tied Crawford with his 8th career shot from 45 feet, a statistic categorized by made shots from at least 45 feet.

Curry is a willing and capable shooter from beyond midcourt, unlike many other players who are concerned about their percentages.

Curry's buzzer-beating three gave the Warriors the lead after picking up the steal at mid-court. Curry continues to break shooting records as his career progresses.

After shattering so many other records, Curry has only obscure records like these left to break.

Another highlight of his game against the Celtics was his shot. Steph Curry does it better than anyone. Superstars like the Warriors are rare.



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