Mike White throws for 3 touchdowns as the Jets blow out the Bears 

November 28, 2022

By Ramya

What position does Mike White play? 

Jets QB Mike White will start vs. Bills with Joe Flacco as backup QB. Mike White is back in action. Jets coach Robert Saleh told reporters White will start Sunday against the Bills, while recently acquired veteran Joe Flacco will be his backup.

What Military jet does Tom Cruise own? 

In fact, Tom Cruise really held a pilot's license since 1994 and privately owns a number of planes including a P-51 from World War II. He even took talk show host James Corden on a spin on his P-51 recently while promoting the newest Top Gun film.

What is Mike White's salary at Texas? 

The Longhorns are scheduled to pay White a base salary of $450,000, according to salary information obtained through an open records request. White agreed to a guaranteed five-year contract with Texas.

Why did Mike White quit? 

White is leaving Gainesville due to a toxic environment created by the fanbase and fear it would begin to affect his five young children, according to a tweet from the Associated Press' Mark Long. Georgia brings in White to replace Tom Crean, who was fired March 10 after an abysmal 6-26 season.

Is Mike White a backup quarterback? 

Several weeks ago, Saleh elevated White to the backup role in front of Joe Flacco (who started the first three games this season), saying that White, 27, "knows he's the next man up."

Why is Mike White not playing for the Jets? 


Following a first-quarter touchdown pass to Elijah Moore against the Indianapolis Colts, White exited the game with a right forearm injury, later stating that the middle fingers on his throwing hand went numb but that he'll be ready to return to action when needed.

vWho did Mike White flip off? 

White was kicked out of the team's 6-1 Oklahoma State loss after arguing a call in the first inning. He then went on to turn around and flip off umpire Naomi Urdahl after she reversed the call, which was originally in the Longhorns' favor.