Metallica Announce New Album & 2023-2024 World Tour 

November 29, 2022

By Ramya

Is Metallica coming out with a new album? 

72 Seasons marks the band's 11th studio album which is slated to arrive April 14th, 2023, almost 7 years after the release of 2016's Hardwired... to Self-Destruct.

What was Metallica's longest tour? 

Metallica's first official tour was Kill 'Em All for One, which started in 1983 to promote their debut album. Their longest so far have been the Wherever We May Roam and World Magnetic Tours, which lasted 14 months and 20 months, respectively, with each having over 170 concerts.

What is Metallica 2022 tour called? 

That's because it's set to update automatically as soon the band adds new dates to their tour, which makes it a great resource for fans hoping to catch James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo in action.

How long are Metallica concerts? 

How Long is a Metallica Concert? A Metallica concert tour performance can last up to three hours. Expect up to 20 songs during the show, plus at least one encore. Encores can include up to five songs, so be sure you stay until the very end.

What is 72 Seasons Metallica? 

72 Seasons is the upcoming eleventh studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica.

What is Metallica's most successful song? 


"Master of Puppets" Sure, there are probably two dozen other Metallica songs that could reasonably hold down this slot, but "Master of Puppets" feels right.

How much does Metallica make on tour? 


The legendary heavy metal group has grossed more than $400 million on its WorldWired Tour that began in 2016. The tour had been scheduled to wind down by the end of 2020 and was paused due to the coronavirus outbreak.