McDonald's customer was mistakenly given cash instead of food

Written by: Vasantha


When a customer went to pick up his order from McDonald's, he received a bag of cash instead.

In a video, he posted on TikTok, Josiah Vargas, identified as Josiah Vargas, received thousands in cash instead of the sausage McMuffin he had ordered.

A video shows Vargas pulling small plastic bags of cash out of a McDonald's bag. After that, he wondered what to do with the bag of cash.

"You know how badly I want this money? You know what you're doing to me?" he asks.

Vargas admits he was tempted to keep the cash but returns it to McDonald's in the video. Because he is a "good person," he returned the money.

A McDonald's employee was heard on the video expressing gratitude and relief when the money was returned. "Oh my God, look at that," an employee said. "I really want to give you a hug."

As Vargas walked outside the store, employees hugged and thanked him as they cried.



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