Stylish workwear is being created using McDonald's uniforms by a Finnish fashion label.



What is the brand announced?

The distinctive clothing will be available for purchase for Finnish McDonald's employees, the brand announced.

According to a brand official?

The 27 pieces from the VAIN collection will be given away to all McDonald's employees in the nation.

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott?

The restaurant business as inspiration for his first collection for the high-end Italian label Moschino.

Winter 2013 runway show?

A Happy Meal purse and uniform-inspired designs were included in the brand's Fall/Winter 2014 runway show.

Do other firms use fashion?

Other firms have also tried fusing fast food and fashion.

KFC celebrated their 80th birthday ?

In 2020 by collaborating with famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to create two limited-edition "chicken purses."