Margot Robbie thought about quitting Hollywood after Wolf Of Wall Street

By priyanka


Will there be a Barbie movie in 2022?  Greta Gerwig and the cast of Barbie headed to London to begin filming the movie back in February 2022, so sadly there is no trailer yet, but we're literally on the edges of our seats waiting for its release.

Whats the new Barbie movie about?  Thus far, the only official insight into what the film will be about is a single sentence on the movie's IMDb page:

How much did Margot Robbie make from Barbie?  Margot's Barbie Paycheck Is Supersized Much like Ryan Gosling (who is playing Ken), Margot is making $12.5 million for Barbie

Will the Barbie movie be rated R?   While many details are still under wraps, here is everything we know about Gerwig's Barbie film.

How old is Barbie now 2022? Barbie is a 63-year-old doll, and its longtime iconography has made it a major staple of Mattel 's business.

Who is playing Barbie 2023?Margot Robbie With none other than Margot Robbie playing the beloved doll, Barbie might be one of the most anticipated production

Who is Barbie's new girlfriend?  For queer kids who grew up playing with dolls, it comes as no surprise that many on social media are claiming Barbie has a girlfriend

What will Barbie 2023 be rated?  This will be a live-action PG-rated film (, 12/2/16). Based on the Mattel toy line.