Mandy Rose ‘Premium Content’ Leaked A Week Before Her WWE Release

By Aashirwad

December, 14

Mandy Rose lost her NXT Women’s Championship to Iron Survivor Challenge winner Roxanne Perez on the latest edition of NXT on Tuesday. 

Unfortunately, Mandy Rose was released due to NSFW videos and pictures behind her BrandArmy paywall. 

That Mandy Rose content has surfaced, and it went viral in a big way. 

There is a video going around of Rose naked in a swimming pool talking to her audience that was meant from her paywall. 

That skinny-dipping live stream was not the only NSFW video that the former NXT Champion dropped. 

We will not be posting any of these photos or videos. They were leaked illegally, violating the terms and services of her subscribers’ BrandArmy agreement. 

Fans pay a flat rate for access to her paywall, but her NSFW material costs extra. 

Rose won’t be on the main roster again anytime soon, after major success in NXT with the Toxic Attraction faction.