Machine Gun Kelly was inspired by a sea urchin for his AMAs outfit

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Is Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox still together? 

October 25, 2022: MGK and Megan Continue to Plan Their Wedding Through "Ups and Downs" The punk-pop power couple has made it through multiple breakup rumors, and now, Megan and MGK have their hands busy planning a wedding

Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly a couple? 

Kelly refers to Fox as his wife while performing at the Billboard Music Awards, during which he tells the audience that his next song, "Twin Flame," is (unsurprisingly) dedicated to her. "I wrote this song for my wife," he says onstage.

Who has custody of Megan Fox Kids? 

As part of their divorce settlement, the former couple has agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of their three children

Does Megan Fox take care of her kids? 

Protecting her three children — from the press, from bullies, from judgement — is her No. 1 priority, and she doesn't waiver.

Why does Megan Fox not see her kids? 

Actress Megan Fox has opened about the challenges she faces as a mother. The actress said that she is away from her kids because of her busy filming schedules and that 'it's hard'.

How long was Megan Fox with Brian? 

Fox, 35, and Green, 48, met in 2004. They first got engaged in November 2006, and later called it off in February 2009.

Why did Machine Gun Kelly mom leave him? 

Machine Gun Kelly reunites with the mother who abandoned him at age nine when she left his father 'for another dude' as he 'introduces' her to the world in sweet Instagram photo

Did Eminem respond to Machine Gun Kelly? 

No, you're the whack me. It's funny but so true, I'd rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you." Damn.