Thanks to supporters from Mexico and Saudi Arabia, Lionel Messi's new nickname will be in Qatar in 2022.


25/ 11/2022

What is Messi's new name?

Lionel Messi's new nickname: called 'Weasel

Why is Messi nicknamed weasel?

This moniker was given to Messi by his teammates and has only been used in the locker room..

Argentina's team morale

The team that won the Copa America before the World Cup in Qatar.

How many goals does Messi have?

Messi career goals in total for club and country 787.

Is this Messi's last World Cup?

Surely this is my last World Cup," he told Star Plus in October. "I'm counting down the days until the World Cup.

Why is Lionel Messi so well-known?

Soccer (football) player Lionel Messi, who was born in Argentina, has won five FIFA world player of the year awards (2009–12 and 2015).

What is Messi's story?

Lionel Messi was born in Santa Fe Province on 24 June 1987. At the age of five, he started playing football.

Why is Messi a role model?

Despite all his achievements, Messi always remembered the importance of humility.

Messi's First Barcelona goal?

Messi's first Barcelona goal was assisted by Ronaldinho.