Last 10 winner of FIFA World Cup Here is the complete list of the previous 10 winners in the FIFA world cup in Golden history.



Italy 1982 Italy engaged as the world campaigning for the third time in the tournament hosted by space 3 minus one victory over West Germany.

Argentina 1986 Argentina deo ko Maradona dominated the tournament m secure a second trophy for hi Teams.

Germany 1990 West Germany won for the third time as they beat Argentina 1 - 0 in the tournament hosted by Italy.

Brazil 1994 A  Lackluster  game became the world cup final first final kick contest with Brazil cleaning their fourth trophy.

France 1998 It was the first world cup tournament with 32 teams competing against the host National led by Didier camps 3 - 0 over Brazil in the final game.

Brazil 2002 The first world cup hosted by 2 National Korea in Japan, the first to be held in the Asian continent, Ronaldo could finally Crown his career as Brazil took his World Cup.

Italy 2006 Italy beat France 5-3 on penalties in the tournament final in the batting after 1-1 ordinary time. match popularly known as Zinedine on Marco Materazzi.

Spain 2010 Spain claimed their first World Cup trophy in the tournament hosted in Africa for the first time.

Germany 2014 Germany won their 4th title after BT Argentina 1 - 0 in the finals game.

France 2018 France won their second time, beating kotia 4 - 2 in the final making coach rider this game second man to win the World Cup.