Kevin Costner's grim survival movie is streaming for free

Written by: Vasantha


Let Him Go, a western film starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane is streaming for free on Freevee.

Some actors hit it big at a young age and then maintain their relevance their whole careers with a steady stream of beloved movies.

Some of the biggest names have spent their success inexplicably under the radar, such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Denzel Washington.

Even though Costner is most well-known for his western Yellowstone , his thriller Let Him Go is doing quite well on Freevee, according to FlixPatrol.

Kevin Costner plays George Blackledge, a retired sheriff living with Margaret (Diane Lane) and their children in 1960s Montana (the same place where his Dutton character lives in Yellowstone).

Following the tragic death of their son, Margaret watched her daughter-in-law get beaten by a new man, who was married to their grandson.

The Blackledges take off to find the missing young family after the incident, Margaret bringing George's gun, sure they would need it.



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