Jets' coordinator takes blame for Zach Wilson's fall -- can he fix the QB? 

November 29, 2022

By Ramya

Why did Jets QB get benched? 

"I had a sick feeling in my stomach," he said, alluding to the uproar he caused. That game, combined with what coach Robert Saleh called a deterioration of basic fundamentals, led to Wilson's benching. Mike White will start Sunday against the Chicago Bears at MetLife Stadium.

Is Zach Wilson getting benched? 

But a week that saw them bench a player they believed was their franchise starter left plenty to process. Zach Wilson, the No. 2 overall pick just last year, will be inactive today, as Mike White will start and Joe Flacco will be the backup.

Why was Zach Wilson inactive? 

He injured his left shoulder late during Sunday's Bears-Falcons game. On Tuesday, NFL Network reported the team is "optimistic" he will play. But, he's still designated "day-to-day" by head coach Matt Eberflus. Click here to follow the Under Center Podcast.

What happened to the Jets coach that tripped the player? 

Alosi was suspended and fined $25,000 by the New York Jets in December of 2010 after he tripped Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll while Carroll was covering a punt. He was later hired by the University of California, Los Angeles, where he got into a confrontation with Sean "P.

Why did Jets leave Shea Stadium? 

The Jets tried negotiating terms of a new lease, and after they couldn't reach an agreement to continue playing at Shea Stadium, they moved to New Jersey, joining the Giants. MetLife Stadium opened in 2010, and the Jets and Giants have played there since.

What is Zach Wilson salary? 


Wilson agreed to a four-year, 35,150,681 dollar deal with the New York Jets, which included a 8,787,670 dollar yearly salary average, a 22,924,132 dollar signing bonus, and a 35,150,681 dollars guarantee.

Did the Jets bench Wilson? 


Jets benched Zach Wilson for Week 12, expected to stick with Mike White if team remains in playoff contention -