Jennifer Lopez Shines In This Over The Top Comedy

Written by: Vasantha


She nails comedy and action in her funniest performance yet. Recording artist and actor Jennifer Lopez has enjoyed an insanely successful career.

Recently, she starred in Jason Moore's Shotgun Wedding, a rom-com. Despite the funny twist, this new action movie also features gunfights and a wild twist on matrimony.

In Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel play Darcy and Tom at their destination wedding. Armie Hammer dropped out of the project last minute due to allegations against him, but you can't tell, as the two stars have amazing chemistry throughout the movie.

During the event, armed bad guys take everyone hostage while the couple stresses over things like in-laws and marriage commitment. Their only hope of making it down the aisle is to save their loved ones.

Despite the bonkers concept, Shotgun Wedding works really well. Some of the funniest moments are the clumsy action sequences and kills. Jennifer Lopez is the best thing about the movie, especially the charming cast.

Each member of Shotgun Wedding's ensemble is given a chance to shine.

Shotgun Wedding's pacing is bulletproof, full of non-stop laughs.



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