Jennifer Coolidge attended the Shotgun Wedding premiere with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck last week. An outing with another Jennifer this week. 

Written by: Vasantha


Jennifer Garner and Bennifer met up for Seraphina's recital on Sunday. In addition to Bennifer and Emme, who appear to be very close to Seraphina, Jennifer Garner arrived with Violet and Samuel, her eldest children.

Samuel embraced his grandmother and JLo as soon as he saw them, according to the photographer. She seems to be getting along well with Chris, her new step-grandmother.

There is no photo of them together outside (the Daily Mail has it). However, they may have gathered inside to support Seraphina.

The energy here has been good for months, according to all accounts. Families and children have been thoughtfully merged.

Our kids have traveled together, spent holidays together, and now they're at school events, hanging out with other parents. Although I'm not a parent, I know how people gossip about such stuff.

It will be hot if you do it. The two are ready, I guess. British royals could learn from this.  The other day, Jennifer Garner and Bennifer went for a ride in their Bronco with the family.



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