Irene Cara, ‘Fame’ and ‘Flashdance’ Singer, Dies at 63 

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She was 63. Cara died at her home in Florida, said her publicist, Judith Moose, who announced the news on Cara's social media account on Saturday. She said a cause of death was "currently unknown." "Irene's family has requested privacy as they process their grief," Moose wrote.

How old was Irene Cara when she died?

Irene Cara, best known for singing the title songs to the films Fame and Flashdance, has died aged 63. Cara appeared as the main character Coco Hernandez in Fame, which was released in 1980.

Who did Irene Cara play in Fame?

age 16 At age 16, she also famously portrayed the role of Sparkle in the 1976 film of the same name, which was inspired by the story of The Supremes. She also starred in Roots: the Next Generations, as Alex Haley's mother Bertha George.

How old was Irene Cara in Sparkle?

Conrad E. Palmisano

Was Irene Cara married?


What nationality was Irene Cara?

Is Alessia Cara related to Irene Cara? I am not. She is a singer from a little bit before my time.

Is Alessia Cara Irene's daughter?

To prevent more fighting, Irene locked him away in multiple realms, which he learned to free himself from, until the final battle in the Irene Dimension. He was defeated and locked away in the Nether, his form shattered as well as his relic. 

What did Irene do to Shad?

Oh, yeah, and Sparkle is one of the most direct inspirations of the Broadway musical that went on to become Dreamgirls.

Is Sparkle based on Dreamgirls?