" Ivana Knoll"doesn't worry about the possibility of being arrested in Qatar, the "world's hottest fan" arrives to support her team Croatia.



"provocative attire" at the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar," Ivana Knoll"

A former Miss Croatia and Instagram model, could be subject to fines and jail time.

" Ivana Knoll"published photos of herself at the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium wearing red high-waisted leggings and a plunging bikini top

"provocative attire" at the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar," Ivana Knoll"

" Ivana Knoll" that residents enjoy her bold selections despite modesty restrictions.

The 26-year-old has generated controversy with her selection of revealing attire,  a bikini and a checkered minidress in the colors of her homeland.

The model acknowledged that she has been violating Qatar's modesty laws but that she doesn't fear police detention.

" Ivana Knoll"gave Qatar's modesty laws their first test by attending Croatia's opening match wearing a long red and white checkered dress with cleavage.

" Ivana Knoll" posting a video of herself walking down a beach in Qatar in a red and white swimsuit,

Model " Ivana Knoll"previously made an appearance in a checkered little dress.

" Ivana Knoll"is adamant to keep dressing provocatively,she claims that locals actually enjoy it.

She was online trolling warning her to respect Qatar's cultural norms.

" Ivana Knoll"posted a picture before Croatia's game.