Harassment From Chicago People Saw Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy Dish 

November 30, 2022

By Ramya

What happened between Michael and Juanita Jordan? 

The couple mutually decided to end their 17-year marriage. "Michael and Juanita Jordan mutually and amicably decided to end their 17-year marriage," the couple said in a statement after filing for divorce. "A judgment for dissolution of their marriage was entered today. There will be no further statements."

Is Juanita Jordan married now? 

Michael Jordan

What was Michael Jordan's pregame meal? 

Previously, we reported that Jordan's trainer added steak to Jordan's pregame meal in order to help him maintain his energy and performance during the game.

Why did Juanita split Michael? 

Jordan's gambling addiction and cheating ways led to his eventual divorce. One in which he had to pay his former wife (Juanita Jordan) a then record $168 million dollars.

How many kids does Michael Jordan have by Juanita? 

Michael has three children—Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine Jordan—with his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy. Vanoy and Michael were married from 1989 to 2006.

Did Michael Jordan's ex wife Juanita remarry? 


Juanita Vanoy did not re-marry following her divorce with Michael and has said this about her low profile ever since: “I wanted to simplify my life. I got off boards, I downsized the way I lived I had to because I wasn't going to be in a huge house

Who was Michael Jordan's best partner? 


Scottie Pippen (1987-93, 1995-98) Scottie Pippen is without a doubt the best player Michael Jordan has ever played with. Pip is a Hall-of-Famer and in 1996 was a part of the NBA's "50 Greatest Players in NBA History" list, though he was still an active player.