Grandma Bradley’s Apple Pie 

By priya


Just remember, the secret to a great apple pie filling is to precook the apples. This will ensure perfect consistency and balanced sweetness. You'll also avoid that gap between the crust and the filling. 

Should you cook apples before putting in pie?

4 Tips for Making a *Much* Better Apple Pie 1. Use firm apples — some sweet, and some tart. Texture and taste are both important when choosing apples for your pie. ... 2. Toss the apples with sugar, then drain. ... 3. Brush the inside of the crust with egg wash. ... 4. Don't dump the apples in.

What is the secret to making an apple pie?

You do not need to pre-bake a pie crust for an apple pie or any baked fruit pie really, but we do freeze the dough to help it stay put. Pre-baking the pie crust is only required when making a custard pie OR when making a fresh fruit pie. you should probably get: Pie weights are super helpful to have for pre-baking. 

Should I Prebake my apple pie crust?

Should I slice or dice apples for pie? Classic apple pie is made with sliced above, as shown above. However, if you prefer to dice them into cubes, feel free! If you do so, I recommend cutting them into1/2in thick cubes 

Is it better to slice or cube apples for pie?

This is a good question because I know more than one person who has rushed around looking for a lemon, fearful of browning the apples that will go into their pie because it might make them “look funny.” The short answer is no, you do not need to add any lemon juice to an apple pie or many other baked apple desserts. 

Is lemon juice necessary for apple pie?

7 Tips to Help You Avoid a Soggy Pie Crust 1. Use less water. Use the liquid amount as a guideline and sprinkle it on a tablespoon at a time just until your dough comes together. ... 2. Blind-bake your crust. ... 3. Fight the puff a better way. ... 4. Egg wash. ... 5. Seal your crust with chocolate. ... 6. Drain the fruit. ... 7. Use thickeners.

How do I keep the bottom of my apple pie from getting soggy?

Pricking holes in the rolled-out pie dough allows the steam to escape while it's baking. Without this, the steam would puff up in bubbles and pockets throughout the crust, which would make some parts of the crust cook too quickly and also result in an uneven surface for your filling 

Should I poke holes in my pie crust?