Google, Microsoft, and Amazon reveal details about which departments were laid off

Written by: Vasantha


Despite being only announced on Friday, Google's decision to let go of 12,000 workers extends a recent trend of "Big Tech" companies cutting jobs at previously unheard-of rates.

Nearly every group at Google was affected by layoffs, including Chrome, Search, Android, and Google Cloud. Its sources said they affected managers making $500K to $1 million and people with "high-performance reviews."

It was the Google Brain division headed by Jeff Dean, the senior vice president of research and artificial intelligence, that was "relatively unaffected."

Google uses machine learning technology in many areas. It will also apply its work to several products, including tools to generate images, a YouTube green screen feature, and a chatbot version of its search engine this year, according to the New York Times .

“Google decided to wind down the majority of the Area 120 team,” according to Bloomberg. Late last year, Google had already cut a large portion of the incubator's projects due to its famed but long-dormant policy of allowing employees to pursue side projects.

The company said three projects will be folded into Google while the rest appear to be gone.

A Polygon report details the effects on several game development studios at Microsoft, where 10,000 people are being laid off.



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