Germany earn dramatic draw with Spain on late Fullkrug strike 

November 28, 2022

By priyanka

Who wins Germany vs Spain? 

Germany earn dramatic draw with Spain on late Fullkrug strike. Substitute Niclas Fullkrug salvaged a vital point for Germany in a 1-1 draw with Spain to keep the four-time World Cup champion's hopes of advancing from Group E alive at Qatar's Al Bayt Stadium on Sunday night.

Was Fullkrug offside? 

The celebrations are soon wiped out though, as he went too early with his run and was proved by VAR to be a yard offside

How can Germany advance in the World Cup? 

Instead, Germany can advance with a win and a Spain win or a win and a tie between Spain and Japan. Since Spain scored so many goals against Costa Rica, it's unlikely that Germany would surpass Spain in goal difference if both Germany and Japan won on Thursday.

Will Germany be out if they lose to Spain? 

69′ Germany, remember, is not out of the World Cup with a loss to Spain thanks to Costa Rica's one-shot-one-goal victory over Japan earlier.

Who was Germany biggest rival? 

While Germany has won more international championships, Italy is largely dominant in the head-to-head international match-up, having beaten Germany 15 times in 37 games, with 13 draws and 9 defeats.

Why did Spain go into decline? 

Many different factors, including the decentralized political nature of Spain, inefficient taxation, a succession of weak kings, power struggles in the Spanish court and a tendency to focus on the American colonies instead of Spain's domestic economy, all contributed to the decline of the Habsburg rule of Spain.