Florence Pugh shines in an Irish gothic mystery

By Ramya


Is The Wonder based on a true story?  Set in 19th century Ireland, the new Netflix movie is based on the true stories of Victorian era "fasting girls."

Why is wonder a great movie?  Wonder is a sentimental family film. While it's not devoid of clichés, these are offset by solid performances and a winsome, uplifting story told with tenderness.

Is The Wonder a horror movie? The Wonder review – Florence Pugh's passionate reckoning with a horrific miracle. Sebastián Lelio's new film is an arrestingly strange, distinctively literary tale of innocence, horror and imperial guilt adapted from the novel by Emma Donoghue: the anti-miracle of a young girl's mysterious possession by divine grace.

What was the moral message in Wonder?  In Wonder, R.J. Palacio's debut middle-grade novel featuring Auggie, a fifth-grade boy born with a facial deformity, the author delivered a powerful message about the importance of kindness, tolerance, and acceptance.

What's the message in Wonder?  Out of Auggie's struggles and accomplishments, themes of strength, acceptance, resilience, kindness, and respect leap out of the pages of Wonder, making it an impactful read during Anti-Bullying Week for all children.

What is the main problem in Wonder?  The main conflict is that Auggie has to deal with Julian, and other mean kids from his new school.

Is Wonder a sad story?  Is The Wonder Movie Sad? While you probably won't be able to make it five minutes into the movie without crying, you also won't leave sad. The Wonder Movie could have been very sad, but the Pullman family is incredibly endearing because despite all their trials, they are not sad.

Is Wonder film sad?  Wonder will bring out a mix of happy and sad tears (there was not a dry eye in sight by the end of the movie), but is kept light-hearted with plenty of good laughs along the way thanks to Wilson's well-timed dad jokes and the subtle wit in the narration throughout the film.