En Resumen: Dallas supera primera mitad para victoria vs Giants 

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Here's why the Dallas Cowboys play on Thanksgiving: The team was looking to boost its popularity and in 1966, they had the chance to play on Thanksgiving. Cowboys general manager Tex Schramm thought it was a great chance to showcase the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on a national scalekings game with NFL+ Premium.

Why do Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving?

New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings.

Who plays on Thanksgiving Day 2022?

Prior to the current TV contract, CBS could only show games where an AFC team was on the road. That meant one AFC team had to play at either Detroit or Dallas every Thanksgiving. The league's new TV deal allows AFC road games to be flexed to FOX and NFC road games to be flexed to CBS.

Why is it always Dallas and Detroit on Thanksgiving?

By the 1970s, Thanksgiving and NFL football were inseparable Baseball was still the most popular sport in the US. But by the 1960s, that had begun to shift, Andrews said. It's during that shift that the Dallas Cowboys, who also play every year on the holiday, started their Thanksgiving tradition 

What NFL team always plays on Thanksgiving?

The Dallas Cowboys remain “America's Team,” at least in terms of search trends.  

Who is America's favorite team?

No team in the NFL has played on Turkey Day more than the Detroit Lions, who have featured on the holiday 82 times with a 37-43-2 record over that span. The Dallas Cowboys are next best with 54 appearances and a 31-22-1 return.

Which NFL team has the most wins on Thanksgiving Day?