Drew Brees was apparently struck by lightning while filming a commercial 

December 3, 2022

By Ramya

What is Drew Brees struck by lightning? 

Legendary New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees faked being struck by lightning as part of a promotional stunt for betting company PointsBet. A video clip posted to Twitter shows the apparent strike and was viewed more than 1 million times as of midday Friday.

Who is in Drew Brees commercial? 

Behind the scenes: Super Bowl commercial with Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara. A behind the scenes look at New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and running back Alvin Kamara during the production of an NFL commercial celebrating the league's 100th season.

Is Drew Brees thinking about coming back? 

NBC Sports has confirmed that Drew Brees will not be back with the network in 2022, though the suggestion is that the decision fell to Brees, not the network. In a new interview, NBC Sports chairman Pete Bevacqua confirmed that Brees would not return to the network's NFL or Notre Dame coverage.

Who has been struck by lighting the most? 

Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times — more than any other person - The Weather Network.

Who is the guy in the NFL commercial 2022? 

Justin Tucker is a star among stars and he showed off that talent in the NFL's 2022 season launch commercial. The Ravens kicker sings a little opera in the spot, belting out "It feels good to football" in his operatic voice.

Has anyone survived being struck by lighting? 

Although the vast majority of lightning strike victims survive, the effects can be serious and long-lasting. Survivors have experienced debilitating injuries, burns and ongoing disability, including symptoms like seizures and memory loss.

How many people survive being struck by lighting? 

Only about 10% of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90% with various degrees of disability.