Congress must act on gun control, Harris says at Monterey Park memorial

Written by: Vasantha


Kamala Harris placed a bouquet in front of the memorial of Saturday's deadly mass shooting outside the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park on Wednesday night.

He urged stricter gun control laws as well as mourning the deaths of 11 people and injuries to nine others.

"Tragically we keep saying the same things," Harris said. "Congress must act. Should they? Yes. Can they? Yes."

At the vigil following Harris' visit, Melissa Michelson held a sign that read “What about gun control?” ”, expressing disappointment that local officials have not taken action.

“My community is more upset and angry at what happened here,” Michelson said. “Everybody else has just been talking about thoughts and prayers, and that's good for a short minute, and then it's time to actually do something.”

Michelson said she did not hear any of Harris’ words Wednesday, but added it was something she’d “be willing to get behind.” “The question is, what exactly is she willing to do and where this goes,” Michelson added. “It's always the same after a mass shooting — a little bit of talk, and no action.”



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