Chrissy Teigen and Legend announce baby daughter's name and share the cute first photo

Written by: Vasantha


The couple announced the name of their newborn daughter. She wrote, "She's here!". It's buzzing in our house. I'm learning you still need diapers after a c-section! I shed tears of joy every night watching Luna and Miles so full of love.

Heaven. Thank you for all your love." Luna Teigen, 6, and Miles Legend, 4, hold their little sister in the photo.

People reports Este's birthday is Jan. 13. During a private concert, Legend revealed the news, explaining that he "didn't get a lot of sleep."

In more than two years, the family welcomed its newest addition. According to the author of "Cravings," "We are in deep pain we have never experienced before."

 Despite bags and bags of blood transfusions, we were never able to stop the bleeding and provide fluid to our baby. "Not enough." In the post, Teigen revealed the name of the child.

"After their birth, we never decide their names until just before we leave the hospital," she wrote. He will always be Jack to me, because he worked so hard to become a member of our little family. Jack worked so hard to become a part of our little family."

Teigen announced in a Medium post the following month that her placenta had abrupted partially. As explained by the Mayo Clinic, it occurs when the placenta separates from the uterine wall, restricting oxygen to the baby.



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