Carol Vorderman reveals exactly how it works with her five lovers on This Morning

Written by: Vasantha


Her unconventional love life left viewers open mouthed on This Morning today. Her unconventional love life left viewers open-mouthed on This Morning today..

In a conversation with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Carol explained: "It just happened naturally.". “Everyone is single.”

Carol had known the men for a long time and didn't have one-night stands. According to Carol, they do not just fling: "It starts with friendship, then there is an extra frisson."

Those watching at home weren’t quite sure what to think with one person writing: “Wtf is going on with Carol Vorderman.” A second said: “Absolutely obsessed with this whole saga and Carol Voderman’s 5 on the go lifestyle.”

While a third added: “So she’s basically living her best life? Do we really need to know about her sex life?.” When Carol was just 24, she married Christopher Mather, a Royal Navy officer. In 1990, she married management consultant Patrick King.

Before separating in 2000, they had two children, Katie, 30, and Cameron, 25.   After a few long-term relationships, Carol is now enjoying a "freer" way of dating.

It's been a decade since Carol had a "no-strings-attached" relationship with a number of men She said: "I have one rule in life, do no harm."



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