Buzz Aldrin's 63-year-old girlfriend gets married on his 93rd birthday: 'Highly enthusiastic'

Written by: Vasantha


I bet he's overjoyed! Anca Faur, 63, married Buzz Aldrin on his 93rd birthday. On Twitter, Aldrin announced that the lovebirds got married in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles, California.

“We are happy to announce that my longtime love Dr. Anca Faur and I have tied the knot on my 93rd birthday,” the NASA legend tweeted. “We were joined in holy matrimony in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles & are as excited as eloping teenagers.”

Her tweet was accompanied by two snaps of her wearing a rhinestone-adorned white gown at the private ceremony. With his black suit and bowtie, Aldrin looked dapper. A Romanian-born executive vice president at Buzz Aldrin Ventures, Fauer is currently based in San Francisco. PhD in chemical engineering from Pitt.

It’s not the astronaut’s first time saying “I Do.”

He married Joan Archer three times, first in 1954. In 1974, the couple divorced after welcoming three children: James, Janice, and Andrew.

Beverly Van Zile, Aldrin's second wife, died three years after their 1975 wedding. In his third marriage, he found love with Lois Driggs Cannon. Divorced in 2012 after 24 years together

In the course of his glittering career as an astronaut, Aldrin accomplished three spacewalks, where he became a household name - quite literally.



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